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Upholstery steam cleaning process


The Radius team use steam cleaning process for upholstery. The steam cleaning process is a very effective in achieving the deepest clean, the best appearance as well as properly sanitising the fabric. The cleaning/sanitising is achieved with very high, yet safe, temperatures along with applying proper ph balance of pre-spray and rinse. Volatile organic compounds (VOC's), germs, bacteria and dust mites don't stand a chance against Radius. Steam cleaning is great for stain removal. Radius will leave your upholstery clean, vivid and smelling fresh.

Leather cleaning process


  • Leather cleaning – rids dirt and body oils from the leather.

  • Leather conditioner – rids the leather from remaining leather cleaning residue/soiling, while simultaneously polishing the leather creating a glossy surface.

  • Leather moisturiser –  infuses the leather with a soft and supple condition.

  • Leather protection – shields & protects the leather making it highly resistant to oil and alcohol based stains, creating a stain resistant barrier.