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Pet Urine/Odour Removal


The Radius team are total pet lovers and we all know that pets are members of our families, which means the puppies, kittens, bunnies and whatever other critter you may love are well looked after. When the furry kid has an accident you well know that they tend to "return to the scene of the crime", even after they are trained, which makes this a difficult behaviour pattern to break.


Look no further than Radius when the "oopsies" happen, because they will happen! Cat urine is typically more potent than dog urine and cat spraying or marking territory is next level. Radius can help contain and breakdown the urine so that the scent doesn't beckon the furry kid back to the stain for more oopsies.


The Radius treatment is effective on the surface of carpet fibres and the carpet backing. Most odour can be eliminated and or reduced significantly as our process breaks down the crystallized urine to a form that is makes the odour and most stains removable*. If a stain has been previously treated with an over the counter remedy or has been there for a long period of time or set in the presence of constant sunlight the stain can prove more challenging. Radius will use professional strength yet safe odour and stain removing solutions that can virtually eliminate the most challenging odours, Before you consider throwing your carpet in the rubbish fill in the form to receive a free quote from us! 

Sad Brindle Boxer Puppy Potty Accident S
British cat being punished for urinate