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Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning 


Radius Carpet & Tile Cleaning specialises in cleaning porcelain and ceramic tile and grout. We offer a comprehensive grout cleaning treatment for medium to heavily soiled tile and grout or an express tile and grout cleaning services for the areas that are light to medium soiled.

The comprehensive process involves the prepping of the area to protect adjacent floors and appliances, application of the highest quality grout cleaning solution. A rotary scrubber will be used to agitate and loosen soil, grease, grime and efflorescence (crystalline deposits of salts) deposits. To finish the process a hybrid high pressure washer/wet vacuum will be used to remove all remaining soiling from tile and grout surface leaving the tile and grout clean, neutralised, fresh and sanitised. Once the final rinse has been completed the grout is left in a neutral state which means that the ph of the cleaner and the rinse combines to leave the grout in a neutral state. If the tile/grout is not left in a neutral state the cleaner will continue to break down the integrity of the grout causing premature grout breakdown, which leads to chipping and missing grout.

The express method is the same less the rotary scrubber being used to agitate the tile and grout.

Radius Tile & Grout Cleaning offers tile and grout cleaning commercial , residential and industrial location in South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.